Bed Bugs, Bird Control, Rodent Control, Cockroaches, Flies and Mosquitoes Running and managing commercial buildings involves many challenges, but your pest management should not be one of them. We believe in taking ‘ownership’ of our clients environment giving management one less challenge to be concerned with meanwhile keeping them up to date with reports on our findings and observations.

Simply put, Pests are bad for business; they give a very poor impression to visitors and can significantly reduce the morale of people working in the building. The threat to health that is posed by Flies, Cockroaches and Rodents cannot be underestimated, whilst Termites can cause structural damage costing thousands of dollars to repair.

At Termicide, we provide tailored pest management programs based on our individual clients requirements. We work hard to protect not only the building, but the staff, customers and visitors who frequently use your establishment. Termicide’s Integrated Pest Management programs emphasise on constant monitoring of pest infestation levels and regular inspections and treatments of harbourage areas.

Commercial buildings have many different areas that need to be monitored, from Food and Beverage outlets to storage areas, which can simply be too much for people to remember and follow up on. At Termicide we have conquered this challenge with our computerised pest management system that is used to monitor pest infestation levels, providing paperless reports of pest trends and corrective actions taken on site by our field professionals.

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