Termicide deliver environmentally preferable pest control and pest management solutions. Termiglass by Termicide has been successful in well over 200, 000 installations and has been voted the No1 environmentally friendly Australian Termite Barrier. Termicide aim to guarantee your ‘peace of mind’. Termicide provide Pest Control Solutions across SE Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Developed with the environment in mind, Termiglass is crushed glass that makes use of a recyclable product {glass}. The glass is crushed to a specific shape and density that is too hard to chew, too heavy to move, and too small to crawl through.

Used in conjunction with Termicide Strip Shielding, the Termiglass System forms a non toxic physical barrier as an alternative to toxic and harmful chemicals. Rated number one on environmental attributes the Termiglass System demonstrates significantly reduced environmental loads in comparison to other related termite barriers in Australia.

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Termicide Frizbee

Termicides Patented Frizbee collars provide protection to penetrations coming through a slab. Termicide Frizbee’s are made from polypropylene and do not require gluing to the pipes .They are exceptional in reactive soils so when the pipes move so does the collar. This feature eliminates the risk of pipe breakages and potential entry points for termites.

Polypropylene is an incredibly strong and flexible product; it can easily withstand the many pressures that are put on it by the concrete pouring process. Termicide has also manufactured Multi- Fit collars that are able to be used on electrical and copper pipes. The Multi- Fit collar allows multiple penetrations to pass through the one collar and then be sealed with Termicide silicone sealant.

The Termicide Frizbee is manufactured in sizes of 40mm, 50mm, 80mm & 100mm and the Multi-fit Frizbee can accommodate multiple penetrations from 15mm to 38mm.

Termicide Sealant

Reduced inspection zones, Saw Joints, Construction Joints, Ant capping and tilt- up panels are some of the many difficult areas that can be easily treated with a bead of Termicide silicone. It provides strong, fast, and flexible termite solutions to areas that may otherwise be very expensive or impossible to treat. Termicide silicone can stretch up to 630% before breaking, and with durability in excess of 50 years Termicide Sealant makes termite protection naturally better.

Termicide Sealant

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