Scratching in the walls and ceiling?

The cooler temperatures give us rodents rats and mice

The most common pests found around the home in this time of year is rodents such as rats and mice, who particularly enjoy being in roof voids with insulation for nesting and plenty of things to chew on. Rats and Mice can also cause damage to wiring, and are carriers of numerous diseases.


In Autumn/Winter, temperatures inside are much warmer than outside – and there is food and water available in and around the home, so many pests will sneak inside during these seasons.


Termicide’s ten tips to help you on your way

Clean the crawl space.
Look around the inside and outside of your crawl space.
Check the outside of the house very thoroughly.
Check the spare room to see if you have any activity in there.
Trim back any trees with branches near the roof to slow down roof jumping.
If you only had a minor infestation, set a few traps.
If you have a bad infestation and they are in the walls, leave a few exit points so they can get out and don’t die inside the house.
Clean the garage, and the back bedroom.
When you’re done and you think you have fixed your rodent problem, replace the failed insulation and vapor barrier in the crawl space.
Look for problems with your garage door.


Rodent1 Rodent3 Rodent4 Rodent5
Termicide offers a 6 month warranty on all of our pest sprays, which eliminate Cockroaches, Ants, and Spiders. Our Technicians can also take care of any rodents sneaking around your house, with a 6 month warranty offered on this service also.