Termiglass is the environmentally friendly Australian Termite Management System by Termicide

The Termiglass Physical Termite Management System is Australia's number one non-toxic termite protection measure

Termicide is proud to deliver environmentally preferable termite management solutions. The Termiglass Non-Toxic Physical Termite Management System was developed with the environment in mind, and is made from 100% recycled, locally sourced glass which is crushed to specifications formulated to be a shape and density that is too hard to chew, too heavy to move, and too small to crawl for termites to pass through.

Used in conjunction with Termicide Strip Shielding and Termicide Frizbees, the full ‘Termiglass System’ forms a  complete non-toxic physical termite management system to protect your home or building project from concealed termite entry without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. The Termiglass System has been successful in well over 200,000 installations since it’s invention.

Termicide Frizbee

Termicides Patented Frizbee collars provide unbeatable chemical-free  protection to concrete slab penetrations. Easy to install and effective – Frizbees are second to none in quality.


Termicides Patented Frizbee collars provide protection to penetrations to a concrete slab. The Termicide Frizbee is made from polypropylene and does not require gluing to the pipes due to their resistance fit design.

This design makes the Frizbee exceptional in reactive soils where the pipes move – so does the collar, eliminating the risk of pipe breakages and potential entry points for termites through penetrations.

Polypropylene is an incredibly strong and flexible product; it can easily withstand the many pressures that are put on it by the concrete pouring process. The Termicide Frizbee is manufactured in sizes of 40mm, 50mm, 80mm & 100mm and the Multi-fit Frizbee can accommodate multiple penetrations from 15mm to 38mm.

Termicide Silicone Sealant

Termicide Termite Resistant Silicone Sealant is a one component, high strength, UV stable flexible physical barrier to termites. Termicide Sealant is for use in saw cuts, shrink cracks, ant capping and general construction – with good adhesion to galvanising, zincalume, PVC and concrete. The thixotropic nature of the product ensures it will not slump in typical construction joints and it is a once only treatment that is designed to last the economical life of the building.